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Ministry of Local Government and Outer Islands

Mission and Vision

1.            ABOUT THE MINISTRY
            The Ministry of Local Government is responsible for local government matters in Mauritius.  Its main functions include overseeing the local authorities and formulating appropriate policies and legislative framework to ensure that local authorities operate smoothly.  The Ministry of Local Government also has under its aegis the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service which aims at making Mauritius a safe place by minimizing the risks of loss of life, property and environmental damage through enforcement of fire legislations, education and rescue services.
2.            Our Vision
Our vision is to:
      (i)            foster a vibrant local democracy; to promote effective, transparent and proactive delivery of services by Local Authorities and to bridge the development divide between rural and urban areas; and
   (ii)            make the Republic of Mauritius a safe place to live in, work and visit anytime and anywhere free from the threats of fire and other emergencies.
Our Mission
·         To ensure that Local Authorities adhere to the principles of good governance.
·          To empower and provide appropriate support to Local Authorities so as to enable them to manage the affairs of the local communities effectively and efficiently.
·          To engage all stakeholders in local community affairs.
·         Protecting and reducing losses of life and property and preventing damage to the environment due to fire and other threats.