The Ministry of Local Government & Outer Islands is responsible for local government matters in Mauritius.  The Ministry has under its aegis the Local Authorities, the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service, the Outer Islands Development Corporation and the Field Services Unit.
Functions & Responsibilities
·        We provide the legal framework to empower the Local Authorities to deliver their services efficiently and effectively.
·        We make such regulations for the smooth implementation of the Local Government Act.
·        We provide general policy guidance to Local Authorities in respect of Local Government matters and other Central  Government objectives.
·        We process requests and issue clearances/authorization to Local Authorities in respect of finance and establishment matters.
·        We attend to queries and complaints from the public and other stakeholders in respect of local government matters.
·        We process requests for approval of the Minister in line with the provisions of the Local Government Act and the Dumping and Waste Carriers Regulations 2003.
Waste Carriers Unit (JAICA)
·     Waste Carrier’s Licenses are delivered by the Enforcement Unit of the Ministry, after examination of vehicles by Enforcement Officers of the Ministry on either Mondays or Thursdays, upon appointment.
·        No vehicle is authorised to transport waste unless it holds a valid licence under the Local Government (Dumping and Waste Carriers) Regulations 2003.
Field Services Unit
·        The Field Services Unit provides assistance and support for minor works/landscaping and the cleaning of motorway.