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Ministry of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management

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Welcome to the Ministry of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management


The Ministry  of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management is responsible for the formulation of appropriate policies and strategies and the establishment of necessary legal framework to ensure that entities under its purview operate smoothly to contribute effectively towards achieving national objectives in respect of:


  •  Local government matters in Mauritius;
  •  Disaster Risk Reduction and Management;
  •  Enforcement of conveyance of municipal solid waste;
  •  Cleaning, landscaping and embellishment of public places;
  •  Fire prevention and fighting as well as rescue service; and
  •  Meteorological services.


The Ministry administers the Local Government Act 2011 and makes such regulations for the smooth implementation thereof and provides general policy guidance to Local Authorities.


The following organisations/units fall under the purview of the Ministry:
  • the Local Authorities;
  • the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre;
  • the Waste Carrier Licensing Unit;
  • the Field Services Unit;
  • the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service; and
  • the Mauritius Meteorological Services.
Our Core Values
      Integrity: We are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics.
      Innovation: We always look forward to innovate.
Quality: We are are result-oriented and are committed to provide quality services. 
      Teamwork: We foster teamwork, communication and information sharing.
     Timeliness: We strive to meet targets in a timely manner.

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