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Ministry of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management

St Brandon

About the OIDC (Outer Islands Development Corporation)
1. The Outer Islands Development Corporation (OIDC) Act No. 41 of 1982 provides that the Corporation shall be responsible for the management and development of the Outer Islands. "Outer Islands" means all the islands comprised in the State of Mauritius other than the Islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues. The Corporation has,therefore, under its jurisdiction Agalega and the Cargado Carajos group of islands (St. Brandon). The OIDC is under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office.
2. The administration and control of the affairs of the Corporation is vested in a Board known as the Outer Islands Development Board.
3. The objects of the Corporation are:
    (i) responsible for the management and development of the Outer Islands; and
    (ii) advise the Minister on:
(a) the development of such activities as may lead to a more economic exploitation of the Outer Islands; and
(b) the grant or determination of leases over the Outer Islands on such terms and conditions as shall warrant their optimum use.
4. The atoll of Agalega which is made up of two separate islands (of a total area of 2600 ha) is situated at around 1,000 km North of Mauritius. A coral reef surrounds the islands. The soil is predominantly sandy and is highly porous with low water retention capacity. There are three main villages in Agalega with a total population of 300.
5. The only crop in Agalega exploited on commercial lines is coconut. The production potential of Agalega is 2.0 m coconuts annually. The main produce that is being marketed by the Corporation is dry coconuts and coconut oil. A new thrust is being given to coconut production since a year with a view to bring on line coconut-based products with high added value.
6. As for St. Brandon the islands are being exploited in the fishing sector.


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