Our Vision :
(i) foster a vibrant local democracy; to promote effective, transparent and proactive delivery of services by Local Authorities and to bridge the development divide between rural and urban areas;

(ii) maintain a high level of cleanliness, hygiene and embellishment of environment in public places;

(iii) strengthen the resilience of Mauritius so as to substantially reduce and prevent disaster risks and losses in lives, livelihoods and assets of people, communities and businesses; 

(iv)   make the Republic of Mauritius a safe place to live in, work and visit anytime and anywhere free from the threats of fire and other calamities/emergencies; and

(v)   establish a weather resilient and climate-smart nation.


Our Mission :​
ensure that Local Authorities adhere to the principles of good governance;

empower and provide appropriate support to Local Authorities so as to enable them to manage the affairs of the local communities effectively and efficiently;

engage all stakeholders in local community affairs;

establish the necessary framework for holistic disaster management, including risk assessment, disaster risk reduction, early warning and emergency alerts, to preparedness, response, relief, recovery and rehabilitation;

put in place modern and reliable early warning and emergency alerts early warning and emergency alerts to forewarn the population and first responders as well as emergency management agencies of imminent threats and to advise on appropriate precautionary and preparedness measures to be taken;

reinforce preparedness at all level of the society through increased understanding to deal with identified risks of natural and potential man-made disasters;

develop emergency response plans and schemes, and ensure their execution by relevant first responders and emergency management agencies on the ground;

protect and reduce losses of life and property and prevent damage to the environment due to fire and other threats; and

provide accurate and timely weather and climate services and early warnings for natural hazards for enhanced socio-economic development of the Republic of Mauritius.